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Marie Sweetland, Realtor®

Coldwell Banker Red Rock Realty
phone: 719.963.0616

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What Marie's buyers are saying

(re-published from reviews)

Marie Sweetland is by far the best and most professional real estate agent that we have ever had and this is our 14th home purchase. Not only is Marie the best and very caring person, she should teach other agents how to be professional. Great job Marie!!! thank you so very much....  Karen M.

Our home buying experience with Marie was beyond wonderful. Marie went above and beyond to assist us with a very short window in which to purchase a new home in Colorado Springs. We moved from San Diego CA the first part of June and had a weekend to look for homes. Marie made sure to preview the homes and investigate the areas prior to our arrival. Our timing was such that she was in Hawaii on vacation when we needed to make a decision and she spend hours while on vacation making sure an offer an all requisite documentation was taken care of. Her professionalism and dedication to the customer are exemplary. We were so fortunate to have found her and will continue to use and recommend her for any real estate needs....Wendy G.

If I could only use four words to describe my home-buying experience with Marie, they would be, “Marie was ON it!” Our first home-buying experience was a little rocky, so when my husband and I decided to ‘re-enter the arena’ per se, we were a tad nervous because this was a way-more complicated situation-- with it being a short sale on an historic property. However, whenever forms were needed or paperwork needed signing, “Marie was ON it!” Whenever older-home-repair concerns arose, “Marie was ON it!” as she pro-actively arranged for estimates from contractors to give us an idea of what we might need to address those concerns. We hardly ever had to call her; she would often call us and keep us up-to-date with any changes (and even no changes!) in status. We were confident in her knowledge of the process, as she always offered suggestions and options at those times when we weren’t sure we had any. When it was all over, we were kind of surprised as we admitted “that wasn’t so bad…” While I can’t say that there were no rocky spots in this process, I can say that “Marie was ON it” and she always helped to smooth them out....Mary B.

Marie was such a pleasure to work with. She made buying our first home very simple. She took the time to help us find the perfect home and worked hard and aggressively to get us a great deal. The entire process was smooth with no hiccups. She took the time to ensure we understood everything during the entire process. She was friendly and patient and is very military friendly and very knowledgeable in the VA and HAP Programs. We couldn't imagine a better Agent than Marie and highly recommend her to anyone buying a home....Jim F.

Marie was amazing. She helped us find a superb house and a great deal in an impressively short time. She was thoughtful and polite with my wife, my kids and me, but she was aggressive, firm and decisive with sellers' agents. After just one day with us, she understood what we needed and prepared a list of houses to view the following weekend that included the house for us. In no time, we had a contract at about 5% less than we were expecting to pay....Brian S.

I absolutely cannot say anything negative about Marie. She has been amazing throughout my entire home buying experience. I am a first time home buyer and Marie was absolutely there to hold my hand and walk me through the entire process. On top of always being there when I needed her and answering all my dumb questions, her staff and her were always so nice and helpful. OK now lets talk about after we closed on our house. My circumstances are a little different than most, we closed on our house on June 15 but we are unable to move in until August 15. Marie has checked on my house several times for me she let my landscaper in to fix my sprinkler system and is even having my new carpet installed this week! I absolutely would recommend her over and over again, she has gone above and beyond her job as a realtor and made me feel less like a customer and more like a friend!....  Tim  N.

(Another, as seen on ILHM:

Dear Marie,

I know this thank you is a long time coming and I apologize for that. I think it would be an understatement to say our new life in Colorado Springs has been a whirlwind of change spanning over several months.

When Darren and I decided to live our dream and move to Colorado Springs we had a plan. What we learned and what we experienced is that having the best of plans will never supersede what God has in store for you.

As you know I ended up in Colorado Springs about 5 months ahead of schedule. After 12 happy years of living in Texas, we left our home and our friends to move to a city where we didn't know a single soul. All we knew was that we love Colorado Springs and wanted to make our life here.

Our home in Texas sold in less than 48 hours. Subsequently we sold over 1/2 of the contents of our home and the rest was put into storage. We rented a small apartment here in the Springs and planned to "rough it" while we established our new life here. Roughing it included sleeping on an air mattress, cooking in cheap pots and pans and sitting on lawn chairs.

Additionally I was transitioning to working remotely. We were "living" in space that was 1/3 of the home we previously owned and now I was also working in that same space. There was no escaping my work, it was everywhere I turned in that tiny little apartment. I was working all the time and when I wasn't working I think I was crying because I was so unhappy.

Taking all of this into consideration, we were desperate to find a new home.

My internet search for a realtor led me to you. I sent you an email and you responded almost immediately. Later when we spoke on the phone you spent a tremendous amount of time listening to me tell you what we needed in a realtor and what our expectations were. Key word here: listened.

Between our first phone call and our first meeting, you did some research and shared what you found with us. You single handily helped us avoid buying a home in an area with a questionable future.

We had our first meeting about a week later. The first thing I remember about that meeting is how comfortable you made me feel. (not an easy task for anyone). The three of us spent time in your office discussing what we wanted in our new home. I remember distinctly how you listened to the things we said were important to us and would reiterate those things to us. Key word: listened.

Then, quite shockingly, you had already prepared for us to view several homes.

You clearly know the rest of the story. I don't recall how many houses we looked at, but we ended up purchasing the 3rd house we viewed. It's amazing and speaks volumes for the service that you provide that even though you knew we would end up buying this house, you continued to show us houses until we came to the realization on our own.

I think our very first meeting was December 6th and we got the keys to our new house on December 30th. AMAZING!!

We cannot thank you enough for the customer experience you provided for this home purchase. Not only did you maintain the highest level of professionalism throughout the process but you made it personal THAT is what sets you apart from the rest!!! YOU LISTENED and you helped us find our dream home. Not only that, but you recognized my desperate need to get out of that apartment and using your industry knowledge and contacts we completed our home purchase in record time. (Such a record that no one will let us publish it - LOL)!!

There are no words I can combine that can summarize how grateful and thankful we are for all that you have done for us. I'm so glad we continue to be friends - and I think I am even more thankful for that!!....Kat W.